Making Easter egg bunting

As it will soon be Easter I thought it would be nice for Fran to make some Easter egg bunting.

The CuttlebugBefore I let her lose with pva glue I got out my Cuttlebug and cut out 20 oval shapes in various pastel shades. A Cuttlebug is a small cutting and embossing machine. I use mine for all manner of card making and paper crafts. Obviously you can just cut out shapes or buy pre-bought ones but I was looking for an excuse to fire mine up!

I put all the card off cuts to one side because they are useful to use in card making and for other crafts.

I then used a hole punch to punch a small hole in the top of each shape.

I separated the coloured shapes and then laid out 2 trays with bits and pieces Fran could use to decorate her shapes.

The decorationsI put out wooden animal shapes, Easter themed sequins, a selection of buttons, bunny and butterfly ribbon cut into short lengths and various foam shapes that I had in my stash. I gave her some crayons and pva glue and she was away. I have to be honest that I was surprised how long this activity held her attention. She spent two whole hours on her creation!

Fran concentratingWhilst she was busy I quickly ran some gold card that I had previously cut into ovals through 2 embossing folders. It only took me a couple of minutes but I think they will make  lovely toppers for some Easter or mother’s day cards.

My embossed eggsOnce Fran had decorated all her shapes I tided up and left her eggs in a safe place to dry. Once all the glue was dry I threaded some thick cord through the pre cut holes and pinned the bunting about our patio doors. I am really pleased with the finished product and impressed with how the project had caught Fran’s attention. She is thrilled with her work and shows everyone who comes into the lounge what she has made.

Fran's completed Easter bunting

Easter bunting

Easter egg buntingI’m sure that you will agree with me that she has produced a lovely piece of art. Are you planning any Easter projects?

Find this post and many other wonderful crafts at the Britmums Easter Craft round-up hosted by the wonderful Liz Burton and on 40 Easter crafts posted by The Craft Train. Plenty of ideas for lots of crafting fun!

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  1. What lovely pretty easter eggs! We made some bunting like that last year similar, yours looks better though 😉
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids
    Karen Bell recently posted…Craft partyMy Profile

  2. WOW! That bunting looks amazing and so much fun to make!! Well done! What a great post!
    Lucie Aiston recently posted…World Book Day…My Profile

  3. Lovely! Wonderful idea. Look at the girl– totally involved..:)

    Thanks for popping by my blog. Have a great rest of the week!
    MumLee recently posted…Learning to Tell the Time!My Profile

  4. These are great! What a lovely easter activity for spring time, it looks like a lot of fun
    Anna recently posted…10 Great Kids AppsMy Profile

  5. She made fabulous bunting, what a great activity. Miss these moments with mine now they are more grown up.
    Jo Bryan recently posted…Darwin’s Home ReviewMy Profile

  6. What a lovely idea!! Last year O and I made Easter egg shaped cards but I’d have never thought of making bunting out of them :) I think we may have to try this! Also, I am very jealous of your cuttlebug!
    Amanda recently posted…Homemade Vegetarian Bolognese with a (Chipotle) TwistMy Profile

  7. Ah crafty posts like this make me jealous that I am not in the least bit crafty. Especially now that Harry is just starting to become that bit more interested! x
    Mummy Glitzer recently posted…Wednesday WordsMy Profile

  8. I’d love to try embossing anything really, looks great. The craft idea is lovely too, it would definitely get kids in the moods for easter coming and make the house look pretty too! x

  9. Wow what a lovely idea Louisa, these look great. I have a little girl here who is super excited about Easter, no less for the chocolate! x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…My 30th Birthday Weekend…My Profile

  10. I need a cuttlebug in my life! What a lovely idea and the embossed eggs are amazing
    Kara Guppy recently posted…CupetsMy Profile

  11. What a wonderful way to spend two hours! I can never get the little one to keep on a craft task for that long but he is still very young. Your bunting really looks fantastic and it is so simple, a lovely way to prepare for Easter and celebrate the coming of Spring.
    Kirsty recently posted…Owl Babies ActivitiesMy Profile

    • Fran is a huge fan of buttons, she’d stick them on anything given the chance!

  12. Love the Cuttlebug, need one of those in my life! A great activity too!
    Kizzy recently posted…#TheGallery YellowMy Profile

  13. i love those button buntings, something about buttons in craft i really find fun x

  14. Wow some pretty bunting there! That looks so much fun making the egg shapes and decorating them! Great idea x
    Charlotte recently posted…Panning for easter eggsMy Profile

  15. Such a good idea, my 3 YO would love to do this. Such great bunting too, it looks fab :)
    Charly Dove recently posted…Winter #OneWeekMy Profile

  16. They do look incredibly simple and effect to make for little ones.I’ve been eyeing up similar products to the Cuttlebug.I like making cards, something like this would be ideal.I love how easy it looks compared to other machines I’ve seen.

    • They are really easy to use and very portable because of it’s size and weight.

  17. Reading posts like this makes me really wish that I were craftier, but the idea of it brings me out in a rash as I’m so uncrafty. Love what you’ve done here though :-)
    Franglaise Mummy recently posted…Should my 7 year old be more PC?My Profile

  18. Lucas says – Now I’m not really into girly stuff but I reckon Fran has done an awesome job here. They look awesome.
    Grace says – *singing* Lucas likes pink, Lucas likes pink…………….
    Lucas says – ssshhhh Grace otherwise when we go on holiday I’m so gonna get you back!!!!
    The Mums say – sorry about the kids arguing but we think this is an awesome #minicreation. We’re loving this :)

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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