As it will soon be Easter I thought it would be nice for Peanut to make some Easter egg bunting.

The cuttlebug - I let her lose with pva glue I got out my Cuttlebug and cut out 20 oval shapes in various pastel shades. A Cuttlebug is a small cutting and embossing machine. I use mine for all manner of card making and paper crafts. Obviously you can just cut out shapes or buy pre-bought ones but I was looking for an excuse to fire mine up!

I then used a hole punch to punch a small hole in the top of each shape.

I then laid out 2 trays with bits and pieces that Peanut could use to decorate her shapes.

I put out wooden animal shapes, Easter themed sequins, a selection of buttons, bunny and butterfly ribbon cut into short lengths and various foam shapes that I had in my stash. I gave her some crayons and pva glue and she was away. I have to be honest that I was surprised how long this activity held her attention. She spent two whole hours on her creation!

Deep in concentration

Whilst she was busy I quickly ran some gold card that I had previously cut into ovals through 2 embossing folders. It only took me a couple of minutes but I think they will make  lovely toppers for some Easter or mother’s day cards.

My embossed eggsOnce Peanut had decorated all her shapes I left them in a safe place to dry. Once all the glue was dry I threaded some thick cord through the pre cut holes and pinned the bunting above our patio doors. I am really pleased with the finished product and impressed with how the project caught her attention. Peanut is thrilled with her work and shows everyone who comes into the lounge what she has made.

Bunting -

Easter egg bunting -’m sure that you will agree with me that she has produced a lovely piece of art. Are you planning any Easter projects?

Find this post and many other wonderful crafts at the Britmums Easter Craft round-up hosted by the wonderful Liz Burton and on 40 Easter crafts posted by The Craft Train. Plenty of ideas for lots of crafting fun!

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