Last Summer we made several giant stone ladybirds using large stones that we had dug up from the garden. Today I’m going to share with you how we made them and how they’ve stood up to the elements over the past year.

The children painted the stones with several coats (6 in all) of red ready mix paint from Hobbycraft. They then added black spots and facial features.  Mr M finished them off with a coat of clear spray varnish. To be honest the children got a little bored of adding the layers and would have preferred something with more instant results so next time we will try enamel paint for a quicker finish.

Although they did a great job the overall colour was a little dull. Mr M decided to experiment with some other stones using spray paint rather than poster paint. He used Wilko’s own brand black enamel spray for a base coat. Once that was dry he used masking tape to mark off those bits he wanted to spray red. The final job was to add lovely white smiles and eyes and a final coat of clear varnish to seal it all.

Giant stone ladybirds - was a marked difference between the two finishes. The sprayed ones had a lovely glossy sheen to them. So I think depending on your preferred finish this would  be a project for grown ups to do with their children, or for very patient children to do alone if you decided to build up the final effect layer by layer with poster paints. Either way they are a lovely way to add a shot of colour into a garden or patio.

A pair of ladybirds -

After a long wet winter sat on the patio both types are still bright and vibrant. It has been lovely to look out at them on dull mornings. I think that the sprayed stones have held up slightly better and are still as good as new.

Giant stone ladybirds -  All in all I think they have held up against the elements fantastically well.

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