Giant stone ladybirds

We are fortunate to have a pretty large rear garden. We have big plans for the area and really hope to get to grips with it over the coming months.

Before I share any new work I am going to have a quick recap of what we did last Summer and share how the projects have stood up to a long, wet winter. We OJ did a lot of digging last summer and he uncovered several large stones. They were rescued from the wheel barrow and given a good clean. The plan was for the children to paint them into colourful monsters, ladybirds, fish; whatever tickled their fancy really.

They painted the stones with several coats (6 in all) of red ready mix paint from Hobbycraft . They then added black spots and facial features.  Mr M finished them off with a coat of clear spray varnish. To be honest the children got a pretty bored of adding the layers and would have preferred something with more instant results.

Although they did a great job the overall colour was a little dull. Mr M decided to experiment with some other stones using spray paint rather than poster paint. He used Wilko’s own brand black enamel spray for a base coat. Once that was dry he used masking tape to mark off those bits he wanted to spray red. The final job was to add lovely white smiles and eyes and a final coat of clear varnish to seal it all.

Easy giant stone ladybirds -

There was a marked difference between the two finishes. The sprayed ones had a lovely glossy sheen to them. So I think depending on your preferred finish this would  be a project for grown ups to do with their children, or for very patient children to do alone if you decided to build up the final effect layer by layer with poster paints. Either way they are a lovely way to add a shot of colour into a garden or patio.

Giant stone ladybirds for the garden - a long wet winter sat on the patio both types are still bright and vibrant. It has been lovely to look out at them on dull mornings. I think that the sprayed stones have held up slightly better and are still as good as new.

Easy giant stone ladybirds for the garden -  All in all I think they have held up against the elements fantastically well.

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  1. This is such a nice idea! These ladybirds would make a lovely addition to any garden. #LetKidsBeKids
    Tarana recently posted…Toddler Tales (29): The WindMy Profile

  2. thats very creative, i was thinking of painting stones but not for garden more like a table centrepiece but i just get bored too quickly, i think i might give it a go when little one will be big enough to help

    • You could use marker pens on smaller stones so you don’t have to hang around for drying time, it’d make it a much quicker project :-)

    • Thank you for the tip. I am sure I have lots of tester pots stashed in a ‘safe place’ that we could use.

  3. Oh i so need to do this. What a brilliant idea! :-)

  4. Great craft idea. I have no experience painting stones myself but ssome people used to do this at the activity room where I reside.
    Astrid recently posted…Herbal Teas: My First Five HerbsMy Profile

  5. aw these are an adorable idea my lil ones would love to make these x

  6. Oh, I remember these from last year! I thought they were great, and it’s lovely to see that they’ve stood up to the winter so well :) #MiniCreations
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Me and: RunningMy Profile

    • Thanks. We had expected we would have to repaint them this year so it’s a pleasant surprise how well they have stood up.

  7. Wow! Its so nice! I took some stones (not as bigas this ones) from out trip to the bech and painted them gold .. now i know what to do with them. ill prolly make them like bees. #minicreations
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…Play DohMy Profile

  8. Oh I LOVE these! I’m sure I could root around and find some stones at the bottom of our garden. Thanks for a great post. X
    Kelly Finn recently posted…Daisies.My Profile

    • Thank you :-) Pinterest is amazing isn’t it?

  9. These are amazing!
    I have so many boring looking stones in the garden… we are going to remake them.
    Thank you for an idea!
    agatapokutycka recently posted…Doggie Language 1o1My Profile

  10. Oh these are so fun! I must try to do more things like this with W. Great idea to brighten them up too :) x
    Fritha recently posted…what matters mostMy Profile

  11. They look lovely. We’ve made alphabet and number stones but never thought of making a garden ornament from them!
    Rachel @ activities4kidz recently posted…1:1 CorrespondenceMy Profile

  12. Oh wow what a fantastic idea, I really want some of these for my garden, wonder if my parents would let me steal a rock garden stone or two. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…April Degustabox: ReviewMy Profile

  13. What a cute idea!! I can’t wait to get out in the garden this year x

    • Thanks Karen. I am surprised how well they have kept their colours.

    • Thank you. I am planning on trying out different paints and having a dabble with a bit of glitter on some more stones :-)

  14. Grace says – Oh WOW!!! These are so awesome – what a brilliant idea. Definitely one of our favourite #minicreations
    Lucas says – I LOVE these. Now all I need to do is find some big stones and paint them up like a Stormtrooper!!!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    • Thanks x



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